The meaning of Thanksgiving …

I want to wish everyone I know (and don’t know) a happy Thanksgiving. I know that there are those out there who are down on the day because it “disrespects” one culture or another, but if you really look at why the season occurred, you might understand it more. a.) the pilgrims had survived b.) they had befriended some of the locals who shared their food with one and other and c.) even though it was many years and a (once better) government later it was put on the calendars as a holiday.  It was a day to reflect on all that has happened to us during the year. The good and the bad, and to count our blessings for that which has been good while thinking about what we could improve upon to make the next year even better. Sure people pig out on this day. Sure they tend to sit around the TV and scream obscenities at it when their team isn’t winner, but it is a time for family, and thankfulness. So I say again to you all, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Have a great day!


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