Been Awhile

Sorry gang. I know it has been awhile since I have posted, it has been a LONG couple of months. I am actually looking at finishing up a shed (the style having changed several times since we first began talking about it early summer.) With the chance of snow a high possibility, we still have to put on the siding soon then we can work on the inside with a portable heater. Needless to say I am not getting much done computer/class wise. PLUS I also got a new computer (Windows 10) which is driving me batty! The size of the windows change when I least wanted it to happen. It will either go down to a 10% or up to 175% just because I move my hand near the mouse pad! There are other aggravations which I hate including the new office 365 and the slightly older Office online. Their help lines aren’t worth crap either! How do you delete files off of Office online? Their people pass the buck back to the community! What a waist of time! More when/after we get the siding on maybe after Thanksgiving!



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