Life Happens

Not sure how things get away with us, but it happens. I thought when I got my new computer I would ease into things and zip through all my on line tasks … Best laid plans … comes to mind. When the hubster came back from visiting his friend in Michigan he decided to bring in a guy to “help” set up my shed. The guy showed up one day and vanished. Sooo what happens next? My son is asked to help and gets sick so I start helping. So far the work shop has a beginning of the roof, a door and two windows. It is also wrapped. I FINALLY get some time to post at least one post, so I decided to post this. Life happens and despite distractions and errands, we may have the exterior finished by next week! I will post some pix of the progress tomorrow evening after we get the roof on. Blessings to those who read my blogs and I hope things will get back to a normal dull roar by Thanksgiving.


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