The day after ….

I just saw a pix on F.B. … actually several … entitled this is how I feel after Thanksgiving. I can relate. One of the few times one can fall off the food wagon and not feel guilty about it because you do it with family!


Roasted Turkey, Oyster stuffing, sweet Potatoes with marshmallow topping, cranberry sauce, crab & shrimp with a dip made from horse radish and catsup, green bean casserole and for dessert one each pumpkin and apple pie.

Took over $200 in groceries, 6 hours prep/cook time, 45 mins to eat and
3 – 4 hours for clean up. 24 hours to digest said meal. Tomorrow, 3 doz. jumbo corn bread muffins to bake. For now sweet dreams!

The meaning of Thanksgiving …

I want to wish everyone I know (and don’t know) a happy Thanksgiving. I know that there are those out there who are down on the day because it “disrespects” one culture or another, but if you really look at why the season occurred, you might understand it more. a.) the pilgrims had survived b.) they had befriended some of the locals who shared their food with one and other and c.) even though it was many years and a (once better) government later it was put on the calendars as a holiday.  It was a day to reflect on all that has happened to us during the year. The good and the bad, and to count our blessings for that which has been good while thinking about what we could improve upon to make the next year even better. Sure people pig out on this day. Sure they tend to sit around the TV and scream obscenities at it when their team isn’t winner, but it is a time for family, and thankfulness. So I say again to you all, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Have a great day!

Update on shed project.

Sorry this is not in a true order. This is the shed project that my husband, son and I have been working on.  The lab is Sadie and the trellis is the entrance to the back yard. It is getting there. And it is taking longer and is more expensive than we counted on, but in the end this workshop will give me a place to do my crafts and will last longer than the prefab sheds that the local hardware store sells. This one is done right!

Been Awhile

Sorry gang. I know it has been awhile since I have posted, it has been a LONG couple of months. I am actually looking at finishing up a shed (the style having changed several times since we first began talking about it early summer.) With the chance of snow a high possibility, we still have to put on the siding soon then we can work on the inside with a portable heater. Needless to say I am not getting much done computer/class wise. PLUS I also got a new computer (Windows 10) which is driving me batty! The size of the windows change when I least wanted it to happen. It will either go down to a 10% or up to 175% just because I move my hand near the mouse pad! There are other aggravations which I hate including the new office 365 and the slightly older Office online. Their help lines aren’t worth crap either! How do you delete files off of Office online? Their people pass the buck back to the community! What a waist of time! More when/after we get the siding on maybe after Thanksgiving!


Life Happens

Not sure how things get away with us, but it happens. I thought when I got my new computer I would ease into things and zip through all my on line tasks … Best laid plans … comes to mind. When the hubster came back from visiting his friend in Michigan he decided to bring in a guy to “help” set up my shed. The guy showed up one day and vanished. Sooo what happens next? My son is asked to help and gets sick so I start helping. So far the work shop has a beginning of the roof, a door and two windows. It is also wrapped. I FINALLY get some time to post at least one post, so I decided to post this. Life happens and despite distractions and errands, we may have the exterior finished by next week! I will post some pix of the progress tomorrow evening after we get the roof on. Blessings to those who read my blogs and I hope things will get back to a normal dull roar by Thanksgiving.