Respecting the beliefs of others…

I know this is a rant and sore spot with me. Every chance I get I try to keep posting something about this very subject. Each respective religion from Pagan to Christian to Jew to Muslim and so on, have beliefs that are similar. IE Love and help others. It is when they became organized and people started trying to interpret those beliefs that someone got the bright idea to CONVERT others. Soon it became a knock down drag out fight to see which belief was the TRUE one. They seemed to forget that we have a choice in the matter. You won’t “GO TO HELL” if you don’t convert. That is the popular mantra of the Christians, and if truth be told Christ NEVER forced anyone to follow him. Seems that now the Pagans are picking up on that as well. It use to be you were called to a particular single or group of Deities, now if you don’t believe the was a group or the majority of Pagans believe, you are no more than a pretender or “wannabe.” It is sad that people who think know better than those whose free will they are messing with.

Observations of the season

Well, Labor day is over and already the stores are crammed with Halloween and Christmas stuff. I decided to look online to see is there was anything listed for what I call and “Olde Christmas.” So far the Amish, and Vermont country store are the closest to what I am looking for even though it is still off by many MANY years. I am a fan of Dickens’ Olde England and to prior eras. When I say Old fashioned I mean old fashioned. I don’t expect to click on a site about Dickens’ Christmas or prior to ask me “how soon are you planning to purchase a car?” or “Get you bobble lights for a retro design for your home.” It is bad enough that stores started stocking Halloween and Christmas decor back in June/July, but to be misled by sites that claim to be some they are not is ridiculous!

I think that I will (once again) take three steps back and punt … IE do my own thing. Well for those of you heading back to School/work, make the best of it and actually use both to your advantage!