Facebook follies

Woke up to a new Facebook look. It no longer has the sites I had saved in the order I had saved them. I can not access friends or business sites without conducting a search and THEY STILL want my cell number which I refuse to give! Adding it will NOT make your information safer nor YOUR access easier. As far as I am concerned, family or no, I am shutting down all of my F.B. sites. I am tired of people dictating to me I have to use a name that is not an alias (this I use for security reasons as well as business) nor a business name for an ID.I don’t like someone telling me I have to use my cell phone (Which I can’t stand anyway nor do I use it online) to make my site more secure when I know it isn’t the case. So goodbye Facebook. I will miss the fun pixs and the friends I have made. I will miss the instant contact with friends and relatives whom I can’t access any other way, but I do know that being told what to do for “safety” and having the site constantly changed for so called ease of access is stupid and not a reality. Thank you for reading my rant and see you on the side.

Quiet time …

Well, the hubster is on the bus on his way to Michigan. I will have two weeks of “me time” where I can actually start reorganizing MY stuff in peace. I even got to go out of town to an actual mall and bought myself some new sleeveless tees, a nice blouse, leggings, two fun hats and a back pack style purse I can use when I go back and forth to work. I have to pick him up on the 27th so I can once again go shopping. It will be nice. Hope you all make time for yourselves as well. Have a fun week!

Not sure …

This is one of those days when I am not sure how I feel. It is kind of a blah day, and it is two days before I go out of town for the first time in … I don’t know … forever! It falls mid month when I have already spent my allotment on inventory and groceries. This leaves me pretty close to broke again. I am not too upset about what I have purchased to date because most of the money from the last couple of months went into a kitty for an actual workshop where I can set up a small shop as well. But right now I am feeling kind of out of it. There are storms moving through the area which my joints harolded the past few days with pain in every part of my body from bottom to top.  I don’t like telling everyone about that because that is hubster’s thing. I can usually work through it, but today it wasn’t a good day for that. I would love to win the lotto and set up shop on a huge piece of property off the grid, but I think it will take a lot of hard work and more time than this ol’ crone believes she has left to do it.

Sorry guys, I just needed some vent time and possibly a sympathetic ear today. Thanks for reading. Have a great rest of the month. LOVE all the posts and photos I have seem. Keep up the great work.