Feast or famine …

I have heard this often from my dad in regards to working. He was a contract painter so he would say as the summer started “I wonder what we will see this year Feast or Famine.” Meaning: He would either be getting a lot of work or none at all. Seems like those saying have “gone by the way side” meaning people don’t use them any longer nor (I am sure) would they truly understand the meanings. Sad really. Society has become so wrapped up in technology and short cuts that if we did loose all our tech there would be a lot of people who would be lost.

Monday Monday … Looks good to me!

Today was long yet it helped since I had a little time to relax. One of the first days in a long time when I took the time for myself. I spent time just puttering around. No real work, just doing searches on the web and general reflections. I was alone with my two furbabies and ran one errand for my mom, picked up an iced mocha-coffee then found a scarf which will make a nice sash for my teal peasant skirt. I will be picking it up by Friday. The reflections were to do with how I want my life to go if I am once again on my own. I decided that my shop will be a small one featuring some leather bracelets, my teas and coffees of course, some things for kids who like RPG off line games and maybe some cleaning solutions (made from herbs and water),  soap and a few other small items. I decided that I will start wearing my capes, boots, peasant blouses, shirts and the like.  I know I can make it because I have done these things before and actually it worked so I don’t see why it won’t work now.

You know if I could have three days per week I think I will be better for it. Like the song says Monday looks good to me.

Seriously. What is going on with men lately?

I am not saying ALL men are like this, but it seems a huge amount of them are being really idiots. They think that in order to punish someone they have to punish the person’s friends as well. Point:  A guy tells a female contractor how to do her job when he doesn’t have experience in that area. He does this on several jobs than starts pestering her to do a small job. She says no. He keeps asking. Note that he only wants to pay 300 total for the labor as well. Finally after the tenth time she gets in his face basically questioning if he is on drugs because he has ignored the fact that she has told him no the past 9 times he asked. So he tells his significant other (who is her friend) that she is not allowed on their property, that the friend can not see nor help her nor even converse with her. Now the affront was that she got in his face and questioned his affiliation with drugs since he seemed to have forgotten the number of times she said no. The friend was not involved at all, yet the friend (husband’s spouse) is being told that the friendship is to be cut off. Now he is spreading HIS version all over town and so is already adding to the lies her brother has already spread and so is ruining her reputation and livelihood in the town. It seems like men penalize their wives/girlfriends/significant others for things that they have no part in. And it is getting worse. They have no right yet they think they rule over the lives of everyone and take no responsibility for THEIR part in the problem.

Imagination …

Is it my imagination or did Word Press mess with their format again? I love to rate the sites when I get the chance and now it no longer shows that on many of my favorite sites, plus this new posting site is a pain. I like it old school where I could add my own tags/categories without them putting their two cents worth in or limiting my categories to a few subjects at a time.Not mention The “add media” is no longer easy for me to work with either. I hope they don’t “tweak” this site anymore or it will no longer be the WP I loved.

Machines … URGH!!!!!

I use to be in retail, and now I spend part of my time in a museum gift shop. Normally Machines and I have a cautious relationship at best, but today was one of those days I wanted to throw the cash register against the wall! Now I know I didn’t have a lot of sales, but according to the register, I had over $138 worth. Now I am not stupid. Math usually is a good subject for me, but the bloody til didn’t match up. I wonder if the machine never cleared on Tues. after I cashed it out. I mean I balanced perfectly in the morning and when I double checked in the evening but a few rocks and a couple of $18 dollar purchases do not come out to 138, no matter how it is sliced! I HATE MACHINES!!!!