Sunshine projects ~ If there is enough time …

Seems that when I want to do things I either have no time nor money. This year I actually found a part time position with the local museum. This is probably a 15 – 20 hour position and my other half has decided that the money is going to a shed/workshop/shop that he wants me to hone a business out of. Not that I am down on that idea, but it seems every time I want to do something, HE decides to wedge himself into my plans and makes them his. (same goes with any money I make lately!) I really want MY business to work, but I have a feeling it won’t be mine for much longer.
Also, we are getting the floor into the screened in porch. Dogs (and a couple of stray cats) will be thrilled that there won’t be any slats to slip through! I have a list of things needing repaired and revamped before the next storm hits. Hope there is time.


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