Too hot?

I am afraid that I may not put put a full blown garden this year. It looks to be a very dry summer and our water rates are now now going up if we use too much! Why must we be penalized for the needed use of our water? That is (City/State) Government for you.

Sunshine projects ~ If there is enough time …

Seems that when I want to do things I either have no time nor money. This year I actually found a part time position with the local museum. This is probably a 15 – 20 hour position and my other half has decided that the money is going to a shed/workshop/shop that he wants me to hone a business out of. Not that I am down on that idea, but it seems every time I want to do something, HE decides to wedge himself into my plans and makes them his. (same goes with any money I make lately!) I really want MY business to work, but I have a feeling it won’t be mine for much longer.
Also, we are getting the floor into the screened in porch. Dogs (and a couple of stray cats) will be thrilled that there won’t be any slats to slip through! I have a list of things needing repaired and revamped before the next storm hits. Hope there is time.