Warm weather (Finally, but for how long?)

Sunshine! Weather in the 70’s (Above not below!)and a chance to work in good old out of doors! Yeah right! My family is getting that lovely chance. I on the other hand have to wear a boot for the next 2 weeks after slamming my (this time) left foot into the metal framed recliner and broke the middle toe. At least I still have the boot from last time. Anyway, this really isn’t about my bum foot. I was just looking out at the beautiful spring day. There are a few fluffy white clouds floating across the blue ocean of sky. Sure the winds are about, but the squirrel family, which took over the abandoned house next door, are out and about gathering seed and food. I have counted about 10 robin red breasts, and yet the weather is hinting at more cold weather and sleet.
So how long before this weather goes down hill again? Who knows. At least we can enjoy it while it is here and hopefully take advantage of the warm sun while we do. Happy spring!

Here I go again!

Just an update and warning for the day. 1. Never come indoors into a dark room on a bright sunny day. now for the update. 2. Did it again! I slammed my foot into a chair, (the recliner) and I think I busted the the middle toe on my LEFT foot.
Thus saying, I hurt no matter how I try to walk carefully and there goes my plans for a thorough cleaning of the house before Easter.

Tarot cards ~ Mistakes by publishers

Earlier this month my husband bought me a set of cards from Barnes & Nobel from Sterling publishing Inc. As I was going through the accompanied book, I found a part in there which was a glaring mistake. On page 239 it talks about choosing the “Significant.”
In choosing a significant it says that for a woman 40+ you choose a Queen while under that age you would choose a Page. If you think about it wouldn’t the man of that age be a King while under 40 be a knight? They reversed it.

I wanted those who bought this set to know upfront about the mistake. Please pass this on and let others know about it. I believe that the company gets people to edit books who really don’t know the subject and wonder where else those mistakes are being made.

Spring = Change = Projects for home and property (Challenge!)

People forget that in the past Spring cleaning meant not only to air out the house and clean up from the poor weather, but it meant repairs, preparing the ground for gardening, and more. It’s that way in my household. Though I don’t have to replace a rush covered floor or muck out where the animals slept like in the medieval times and prior, I still find myself and my husband looking at the color scheme of the house and agreeing that we are not happy with the colors of three areas (Den, dinning room and hall) We already changed the color in the den from gray and plum to shades of green (Much better!) Now we are trying to find a pale orange which is also bright rather than dark for the hall and greens for the dining area. We are also looking at planting flower patches outside instead of just veggies and herbs. I want colors but finding vibrant perennials which survive in zone 4 is nearly impossible! I found out he also wants 2 shed (one for his tools and one set up for crafting and a tea house), and a double carport. It takes away space from my gardening but they are needed. I want to do certain styles so it will fit into my idea of a meditation garden (which I still argue with him about). We have maybe 3, but more like 2 good months here for outdoor projects. The rest of the time there is snow, cold and ice to contend with. My challenge to you is to actually put together a plan for you Spring Project lists. And post them. I bet we can actually come up with a lot of great ideas if we share them with each other! BB

Annual Cheesecake now delivered

As has been the tradition since 2009 I once again presented Jim Thompson (a local South Dakota radio personality). It is a treat that I decided to give Jim because of how welcome he made me feel in 2008 when I put out a booth for Teas N More. I was giving samples of some of my baked goods, including home baked Strawberry Cheesecake. He tried a sample and said he would love to have this. I told him that I would bring one to him all for himself the following year. He didn’t take me seriously. He does now! He has received one a year ever since.
Jim is a wonderful man with down to earth values. I didn’t get photos of him, but I did of the cake. I also found that he will not his hourly show at the end of May, though he is doing a small 5 min. segment twice a day for a bit now. He will be missed. Oh, and I did tell him I will continue the once a year cheesecake for as long as I can even if he doesn’t have his radio show.


Boarder of strawberries

Boarder of strawberries

Topping on and awaiting delivery

Topping on and awaiting delivery

Clean Up In Aisle 4

This is very interesting!

down to earth digs

Clean Up In Aisle 4

After the snow melts I let the chickens into the kitchen garden to do a little clean up.

5 hens remain from my original chick purchase nearly 8 years ago.

The girls egg laying days are over, but they provide insect clean up and add to my compost pile.

All very valuable to the garden.

And doesn’t chickens scratching in the yard just make you smile?


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