A wish, a dream, but is it real … part 1

I have been having this on going daydream, or dream, or even wish. It began when I was little and was refined when I saw a small cabin in Utah some 24 years or so ago. I started seeing the cabin in the woods and over the years it has sort of grown into a full fledged dream and wish. The more I think about it the more I need to fulfill this dream. How does one go about this? First, you set your goals, including researching locations and costs. I know that I probably won’t gain the amount of money it would take to make this dream come to fruition, but that hasn’t stopped me from searching for the perfect spot and designing the place from the ground up.
I will start by saying this place must be butted up to BLM land with a mountain as part of the land, and about 40 acres from the mountain to the entrance. It will have a river and trees surrounding it with plenty of room for an artist colony in front of the actual living area where a main house, cabin, barn and gardens fill the rest of the property.
The cabin:
This is a two story (possibly barn style) cabin which is set off away from the main house and barn. The bottom floor consists of a living room, kitchen and dinette while the top floor has a bedroom and bath. How would you set this place up? Let me know.


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