I hate cars, car repairs, buses and those who run them.
I hate broken windshields leaking hoses and those who take their time repairing them.
I hate the expense and the noxious smells, I hate all the “Upgrades” which require practically a whole new car to repair since when the new cars go down they go down all the way!

In short I want a horse which will eat hay, need shoes and won’t brake down to the point where they have to spend days or months in a shop and the bill is equal to a new car when they are done.





5 thoughts on “URG!

  1. I’m in the New Zealand military… There’s still an old clause in our policy which states: if the serviceman rides a horse to work he shall be provided with straw and a footman (to care for the horse)… Perhaps you could request the same? 😉

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