My first rant of 2015

As a mother and wife I MUST protest what is happening to our society and people. To start off, let me say I am neither a conservative nor liberal and I prefer the Independent party to the two mainstays which look so much alike that lately the could be the same. Here is what I believe.
1. The founding fathers got it right when writing up the Bill of Rights and Constitution. Though we have the right to our speech, our religious beliefs etc. We don’t have the right to FORCE our beliefs on others.
2. Yes, people should help those less fortunate, but that does not mean we have to keep shelling out money for those over seas who are DEMANDING we help them while they are saying we are evil etc. There is a saying that if you give a man a fish he will feast for a day but if you TEACH a man to fish he will feast for a lifetime. If you look at what we did to the Indians making them dependent on handouts to the point where they would rather not be independent but dependent, then you will see a failed experiment.
3. Our government (or rather the Pres.) thinks they know how we should live better than we do. They made it so that we are so regulated that we no longer can work without penalties. And as for the so-called affordable insurance act, that is a complete disaster. We are told we are going to be fined if we don’t have it. I can’t afford it but that doesn’t matter. I can’t take meds., and I seldom go to the hospital (usually taking someone else.) It has nothing for preventative medicine, dental, visual nor Chiropractic. I am not a cookie-cutter citizen, which is what THAT insurance is. I am too old for Medicaid and too young for Medicare. I am not working except for the occasional order for baked goods or teas, none of which are worth shipping since the items I sell cost less than it costs to ship them. I can’t afford to hire people to help nor a “website,” “brick and mortar,” nor the advertising to draw attention to them. In short I want to work (no one is hiring due to the red-tape, distance between my town and jobs, my age and gender. So where do I get the money for the penalties for NOT having his insurance? I don’t.
4. People who can’t work for various reasons are not necessarily lazy, stupid, lovers of welfare. There are those of us who want to work and are put into the category of lazy while being told the jobs we want are going to illegals. We WILL survive because we know how without subsidies and handouts.

There is a blogger who keeps saying that the US is dying. That we will no longer be able to get food and there will be rioting. I don’t believe it will happen in the rural areas because those who live here are farmers, ranchers and people who can survive by raising their own foods. In the big cities there are regulations, which forbid gardens, goat, chickens and other means to feed us. They force us to rely on foodstamps and other handouts instead of allowing us to take care of our families and ourselves. No, the US is not dying it is sleeping until the idiots who tell us we can’t take care of ourselves will be kicked out and we start doing what we know is right!

8 thoughts on “My first rant of 2015

  1. That blogger you speak of is a moron and doesn’t know when to shut up the US is not dying and we are one of the biggest Oil holders now close to Sandi A. The Middle East.. Don’t let people get you upset .People are talk because that is all they are Their stupid is showing.. We may have problems with our government and all but we will be fine .Everyone has problems We support food and we make most food than anyone .Lucky for us that we live in a country where we have the right to write and think stupid things like that blogger in any other country it would not be the same .Will take care and go eat something nice to let steam off .Life is to short to waste thinking on this stuff .Blow off the negative don’t be like the blogger .Hope this helps .

  2. Hello I wanted to write to you and say its time for me to move on.. I am closing my blogs down so please do not write. I have been thinking of this for awhile .I am going to put my information on Facebook where I can write and have pictures without pay. It was nice knowing you . I am going to go back to full time on my culinary Goal .I am helping students now and I have now in the Culinary club and I am going to work on my culinary and plating more so now. I will be on Facebook so look me up sometime if you like your choice .One more thing watch out for Metalgia and Anders they are UnAmerican .I had a disagreement with Anders who says That our Country America is Imperialism and is throwing around people’s ideas on Links and not true facts just here say ..I don’t think this person has ever been in America and just being a troll . I do Admit I did some insults I’m human and my emotion got in the way I can only pity this person and Hate the actions you know . But this person shouldn’t have thrown in the so call fact links. We are a Democatic Nation (Ok That is spelled wrong)we do not live like the Romans or Greek or King or Queens anyway watch out .They kind of made me look bad it sucks and no one will believe me but that is life well You take care and Thanks a bunch That is my Rant;)All blogs shall close and You might see me on Tv (Sorry I forgot to mention;)

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