The Paw of Friendship

A very worthy cause! 😀

Cats at the Bar

Paws of Friendship
Buy a Cats at the Bar wristband for $8.95 (shipping included!) and we’ll donate $1.00 from each sale to the Habitat Feline.
Habitat Feline is a not-for-profit, no-kill cat shelter. The only funding they get is from people like you and me. The donation from these sales will be made on Christmas eve. With your help,  it can be a good one.

Please click on Wristband to extend your Paw of Friendship.

Thank you & Happy Holidays from all of us at Cats at the Bar.

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One thought on “The Paw of Friendship

  1. Hey there…Just thought I would drop you a quick note. You are being nominated for two blog awards. The first one, and the second, You can accept both or just one, you definitely deserve both. Either way it is up to you. I love stopping by your blog and enjoying all the information you provide. I think you have a great blog and you are an outstanding individual, it shows in your site. Keep up the good, excuse me, great work.

    Oh, by the way, I love how you pick up on all the feline causes in your area. It is great that you are that involving and supporting them. The little furbabies you have pictured are absolutely adorable. If I had my way, I would adopt all of them. It is great though the way you support them, if a few more people would be this involved and also pet smart, we wouldn’t have all the little babies needing so much. Great job, sweetie!
    Lady A
    Witches Of The Craft.

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