Holiday rush!

It isn’t the gifts, the cards, the material things which make the season what it is. Actually in a way that is only part of it. But the main thing is family. Spending time with friends and family, decorating, making home and hearth warm and inviting. Even baking brings people together. Then you have the commercial side of it. Buy, buy, buy! The commercials want us to spend money on things, which really don’t mean anything but to the bottom-line-end-of-the-year-sales-quota! We are encouraged from before summer ends, to open and our pocket books to buy cars, computers, complicated phones and overpriced clothes, jewelry and games. If we don’t we are considered to be “depriving our kids” what makes them popular!

We are once again put into the position of having to weigh out what society tells us we should be as opposed to what we actually should be. I shutter every time a car commercial, Smart-phone commercial, etc, comes onto the computer and says “BUY THIS OR YOU AREN’T American!” You order things on line, then find out they are not from America but coming out of China (So sorry but this you won’t get from 1-2 months from now)! So not only are you not getting quality but shamed because you kid/friend/family member won’t get it under their tree on time! Yeah. Merry Christmas! I have paired things down to baked goods, home made crafty items and the occasional DVD/Book/what-have-you which I can order and get before Nov. and KNOW it is quality. So to all of you who go to the so-called Black Friday/Monday sales, and rush out to buy stuff they no longer have in stock. Remember, it is the thought, which counts, not how much you spend, and making something means so much more because of the effort you put into it!

Christmas ormament decor


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