Holier than thou …

I wonder about people who claim to be Christians. I say “Claim” for a reason. The Christ they are supposedly following never forced people to follow him. He did not put them down for their beliefs and taught be example and parables. There have been at least two fanatics whom I have had the misfortune of knowing since I moved to this little town. One I believe had a nervous brake down when someone called him out on some lies, while the other sent the first pastor of that church packing by claiming sexual abuse. The guy was not a predator. I believe that the gal was and still is nuts. I gave a friend a gift, a handmade dragon in her favorite colors. The gal asked what the thing was and I told her. She spend the rest of the afternoon preaching crap and trying to ruin my friend’s birthday then did a half hearted apology for “ruining” her birthday. She was not sorry at all. It is people like her and their newest pastor who give Christians a bad rep.


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