Holier than thou …

I wonder about people who claim to be Christians. I say “Claim” for a reason. The Christ they are supposedly following never forced people to follow him. He did not put them down for their beliefs and taught be example and parables. There have been at least two fanatics whom I have had the misfortune of knowing since I moved to this little town. One I believe had a nervous brake down when someone called him out on some lies, while the other sent the first pastor of that church packing by claiming sexual abuse. The guy was not a predator. I believe that the gal was and still is nuts. I gave a friend a gift, a handmade dragon in her favorite colors. The gal asked what the thing was and I told her. She spend the rest of the afternoon preaching crap and trying to ruin my friend’s birthday then did a half hearted apology for “ruining” her birthday. She was not sorry at all. It is people like her and their newest pastor who give Christians a bad rep.


Quiet days, cold winds blow, ice cycles hanging from cars houses and trees. It is cold and those who do feel it run about bundled in layers upon layers of material. The rest of us watch in bewilderment as we sip cold drinks wear fall clothes and tennies. The cold doesn’t bother us because we have adapted while others fear the change of weather, the cold.

Fashion doesn’t always tell you what someone is into

There was a post on here today called “ILLUMINATI ANTICHRIST FASHION END TIMES”  It shows two teens wearing black T-shirts, jeans an up-side-down star in a circle. Looking at it one could draw many conclusions, like the author did. Wearing this stuff doesn’t mean you are Pagan, Illuminati, good nor evil. I happen to know a lot of  Christians who dress in Black. That star is just a star in a circle and means different things to different people. A few years back people said GOTH=Black=witch. Not so. So why are conspiracy theorists lumping three different things (Including colors, how people dress and symbols) and saying this means end of world? It is because they are alarmists who actually believe that the Book of Revelations was meant to be interpreted, that witches (not poisoners like the ORIGINAL meaning in the bible)  should not be suffered to live. That if you don’t become a submissive wife/slave/ servant to men (etc.) that you are the cause of  “End Times”

Holiday wishes … or … How to make an old fashioned Christmas (Part One)

I was just shanghaied by my hubster. He came down the stairs and announced that this would “probably the last Christmas for Gidget and I …” Which lead to the inevitable “I really want an old fashioned Christmas. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas even though I am Pagan. It is just that every year at this time he begs me to get creative and decorate the house. Now I get a tree every year on or around my birthday, even though they are getting harder and harder to find on under $100! I also can’t seem to find any decent non commercial decorations in any of the stores which are not geared towards Disney, drinking, hunting or rodeo. I mean what happened to the places which sold the old fashioned European blown glass ornaments? Come on guys! Rifle shells as ornaments? And the politically correct black Santas and Nativity scenes! No thanks. I think I will start using this as my preparation posts. What I need is a place which carries things such as cranberry, holly and pine wreaths/garland, Popcorn to string, ice sickle lights and other things such as this. I will post my ideas and maybe (hopefully) get ideas of where and what to get for doing up a small farm house on a VERY thin/small budget. Color scheme, warm reds, greens, gold, silver and plaids. Throws would be nice as well as tapestries by that currently is out of the picture due to costs.  (to be continues…)

Time, stress, the holidays, and the results there in.

As the year rushes to a close (again) I have come to the conclusion that we are relying too much on technology, and the clock. We have become a slave to time and technology and because of this we become too wrapped up in these things and let them rule our lives. I also seem to see that with the upcoming holidays as well. All three tend to stress us out without us realizing it. We become wrapped up in presents, decorations, fancy clothes/parties. We want to emulate those who have money and yet no matter how hard we strive to reach that perfection we find ourselves no closer and full of stress. When we get stressed, our reaction is to eat, binge, cry a lot and want to pull our hair out. We gain weight we do not need, and tension we can do without. I know. I don’t work in the business world, so I don’t have a steady income which may or may not rid me of some of that stress. I also have let go of some of the technology, or rather refuse it. Time? I hope that I am trying not to get wound up in the hectic world ruled by time and it’s restraints.  I know that I am trying hard to become more comfortable in the world without being trapped by its hooks of having to do something by a certain time. I am trying to get my crafts out to those who might be looking for something different and yet not be tied down by the need for deadlines and money. It may never work out, or maybe it might. My wish for all you who read this is that your can find your ground and not be caught in the web which tightens its grip around us all and tries to get us hooked on all these things which stress us out and make us ill.

As promised

Well, despite the wind and chilly weather we made our rounds, though not on foot as we hoped, but in the car. And, here are three of my son and I. Hope you like. Happy Halloween!

I think we are running out of time!

I think we are running out of time!

Inter-species-security detail out of the London office.

Inter-species-security detail out of the London office.

What do you think? Let me see what I can come up with.

What do you think?
Let me see what I can come up with.