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This person is very imaginative and needs buyers. (Wonder if she sells wholesale?) The perfect entrepreneur! What Americans are suppose to be! 🙂

Attic Antiques and Collectibles

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The Vampire Diaries inspired Moonstone Soap is a beautiful oval coconut oil bar with sparkling body glitter. Amazingly clear, and labeled with a photo from the show.

Dragons Blood Soap made with an exotic tree resin recommended by Dr. Oz and used for centuries for healthy skin, a citrusy scent with a touch of frankincense.

Chamomile Chai a thick brown kitchen soap good for scrubbing the hands loaded with ground herbs in an almond glycerin base.

Sea Salt Soap a blue glycerin base with hints of Juniper and Ylang -Ylang with gem like clouds and inclusions of iodized sea salt.

Liliac Soap a light refreshing floral scent with coconut oil for moisturizing.

Cookie Dough and Hot Cocoa Soap made with real chocolate, vanilla extract and coconut oil, a deluxe, luxurious, tall bar.

Phoenix Barberry local bayberry went into this rich herbal scented woody bar.

Local Cranberry a…

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