Calling Halloween a bust this year.

Yeah, I give up. I really enjoy dressing up in costumes and the like, but this year I can’t find ANYTHING to make the costume I wanted to wear. Nor can I afford to purchase one. We have no costume shops in the area I currently reside in. it is over 100 + miles to the nearest mall and that is not saying much because the nearest mall has a small Penny’s, Herbergers and lost their Kmart. The most you can hope for is western wear which is what everyone wears so it isn’t really a costume. I wanted to go as something other than the traditional witch, vampire, “sexy” what have you, or ghost. And my application of elf ears never works. So this year I am breaking tradition (and my heart) and not going to dress up. I will do a little decoration in the window, but it isn’t the same. For me this is the beginning of the end of my fun and so to the season I bid you an early ado and fond fair-thee-well. I mean why bother when no one else cares enough to at least try to make the day fun.


4 thoughts on “Calling Halloween a bust this year.

  1. NOOOOOO! Don’t give up! Get inspired! There is tons of stuff around the house that you don’t even see, that could become a great costume! Go on the internet and look up DIY costumes. There is tons of weird stuff that’s brilliant. I found a bag of Styrofoam cups once and made a hat out of them! I want to see a costume picture on Halloween. 😉

    • Most of my costumes are obscure and I like coming up with them. This year I was going to try for Edgar Allen Poe, but for some reason it isn’t happening and getting frustrated since nothing else is coming from the cranium. Just bummed out right now. Was thinking of getting out one of my older outfits and changing it a bit, but even that isn’t working. 😦 If anything changes, I will get photos and post it. No guaranties.

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