Costume is on again!

Hubster felt sorry for me so he went into the (Bigger) cities with his friend and stopped at Party City. He called and said “UHHHH … Did you know that all the adult women’s costumes are all uhhhh… ” “Slutty?” I asked and could hear his loud swallow on the other end of the phone. “Yap, ‘fraid so.” I closed my eyes and said something I NEVER thought would come out of my mouth. “OK, then surprise me.”  Famous last words. Not quite what I planned on, especially in the Dakotas, but I am going as a MOD COP! Yap, Pink 😦 gray black and white Halter top with matching bell bottoms. A gray cape, badge, handcuffs (real ones!) and a modish cap with high heal boots. Will post pix on Sat. 🙂

Social Service doesn’t help

I know people who volunteer to work without pay so they can get food stamps to eat.  They do X amount of work a month for about 150 in food. The thing is where they live, no one will hire them nor will their supervisors help if problems crop up. One guy didn’t realize he turned in the wrong hours until he was notified that his stamps were cut. He went to his supervisor to straighten it out and was told to call a gal who headed the program in his town. He called her once a week and she never called back. And now (2 weeks later of calling) she finally put a note on her answering machine “Will be unavailable until Oct. 27th..” This is NOT Social Service it is Lack of giving a DMN about her clients! If this is caring I would hate to see what not caring is!

What do witches wear? Anything they want!

Like a tired old joke, people seem to stereo type witches and women in general. “if you are a witch you are always wearing black and have on heavy eye makeup” “If you are a witch you a teenager or someone looking for attention.” And yet when those people pass a witch who doesn’t wear black or “Goth” makeup, or is even a teacher, doctor, or grandparent they don’t see that these people could be witches. Witches wear regular clothes, hold down regular jobs, have regular families. We don’t necessarily wear black robes or pointed hats. We love colors, pantsuits, dresses, shorts or any other type of clothes we feel good in. I certainly don’t wear makeup, unless I am A. going out and want to dress up or B. am dressing for Halloween or a play. And it certainly isn’t all black. PLUS I am over 21 and have owned many of my own small businesses. The last being a tea and baking business. So next time you pass someone in black, don’t laugh point and say “witch” Could be someone who decided they like back and it has nothing to do with being a witch.

Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.

I just go onto this “NEW” version of word press. It was fine the way it was. I could find what I needed and didn’t have to go through hoops to relearn the site. NOT HAPPY! Bing is doing this, Yahoo is doing this, and the older version was better. Why are we now having it here! I WANT THE OLD SITE BACK!

Soap Menu

Soap Menu

This person is very imaginative and needs buyers. (Wonder if she sells wholesale?) The perfect entrepreneur! What Americans are suppose to be! 🙂

Attic Antiques and Collectibles

In Stock Now
The Vampire Diaries inspired Moonstone Soap is a beautiful oval coconut oil bar with sparkling body glitter. Amazingly clear, and labeled with a photo from the show.

Dragons Blood Soap made with an exotic tree resin recommended by Dr. Oz and used for centuries for healthy skin, a citrusy scent with a touch of frankincense.

Chamomile Chai a thick brown kitchen soap good for scrubbing the hands loaded with ground herbs in an almond glycerin base.

Sea Salt Soap a blue glycerin base with hints of Juniper and Ylang -Ylang with gem like clouds and inclusions of iodized sea salt.

Liliac Soap a light refreshing floral scent with coconut oil for moisturizing.

Cookie Dough and Hot Cocoa Soap made with real chocolate, vanilla extract and coconut oil, a deluxe, luxurious, tall bar.

Phoenix Barberry local bayberry went into this rich herbal scented woody bar.

Local Cranberry a…

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Calling Halloween a bust this year.

Yeah, I give up. I really enjoy dressing up in costumes and the like, but this year I can’t find ANYTHING to make the costume I wanted to wear. Nor can I afford to purchase one. We have no costume shops in the area I currently reside in. it is over 100 + miles to the nearest mall and that is not saying much because the nearest mall has a small Penny’s, Herbergers and lost their Kmart. The most you can hope for is western wear which is what everyone wears so it isn’t really a costume. I wanted to go as something other than the traditional witch, vampire, “sexy” what have you, or ghost. And my application of elf ears never works. So this year I am breaking tradition (and my heart) and not going to dress up. I will do a little decoration in the window, but it isn’t the same. For me this is the beginning of the end of my fun and so to the season I bid you an early ado and fond fair-thee-well. I mean why bother when no one else cares enough to at least try to make the day fun.