The start of my fall musings.

The leaves are just starting to change to yellow. Today was cold and ugly out. My husband went out into the garden and came back saying my tomato  plants are actually still producing tiny green tomatoes. So far he has counted about 5. I didn’t go out today because it seems I have a pinched nerve in my hip. The last time this happened in was in my teens! Decided on Blueberry sour-cream pancakes today. As usual I asked our friend to join us but he was in Aberdeen so didn’t make it. <Sigh> At least I got a little rest. Working on sewing this next two weeks, and maybe an apple pie or two. If they turn out I will post photos.

I sing a song of hermits

I hate crowds. I don’t play well with others, I love being alone in nature, I want to be alone…. These are the sentiments of someone who could make a great hermit. I think that might be true of many of us who like our privacy, and no one prying into our lives. What about you? Are you feeling like singing a song of hermits?

Something to think about…

I have been bored with technology lately. The phones they are trying to get us to buy eat up more time and memory just so we can have “access to the world” information, Satellites actually give literally ANYONE access to where you are located at any time, and people can track you whither or not your phone is turned on. Facebook (I have heard) is planning to force people to give out information whither we want it or not, and are planning to make us pay for the privilege of keeping in touch with our families. I find TV filled with stupidity and lies. We are tied to our homes by tech, as well as our cars which are getting close to thinking for us as well. I made the comment to a friend that we should drop all the tech and go back to nature by going off the grid. He said we/I would never make it a day. I tend to beg to differ. I feel the only thing I would miss would be my music and keeping in touch with family and friends, but I have been without a TV since 2005 and have found it refreshing since 90% of TV are scripted reality shows, bleeding heart liberals who what us to cry at everything and give what money we have earned to those who refuse to work, or politicians. I do like my DVD’s, but if I go off grid, I would not have electricity for either that, radio, cds or computer. Funny thing, those I do not consider priority. Sooooo, who else could think they could make it without tech hanging over their heads or chaining them to their homes, cars etc.?

What does a witch look like?

I have seen some beautiful and flattering pictures of witches, some stereotypical ugly witches, some questionable , cute, sexy and weird witches. What does a witch REALLY look like? I would say “look in the mirror.” A witch is no different from you than anyone else is. Yes, we come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders. We are young, old and everyplace in between. We are thin, fat, curvacious, and slightly out of shape. We are short, tall, average height. We walk, ride, some of us drive, some are handicapped some are not. There is no one real typical witch. So next time you see a person next to you, smile. It may be a maniac, or then again it could be your average everyday mundane witch! Bight Blessings this Mabon season!

Do you need a ride?

Do you need a ride?

The hat says it all

Please vote for me!!!

Hope you all vote! 🙂


Hey everyone, I need your HELP!

My Dutch fantasy novel Drägan Duma – Zij Die Hoort got nominated for a fantasy award! 🙂


Isn’t that just awesome?! 🙂

Of course it would be some great publicity if I won since I am a debut writer.

That’s why I need your help!

PLEASE VOTE for my book by following the steps below.

It will only take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time and I would be eternally grateful! ❤

Thank you!


Click this LINK , it will take you to the website you can vote on. Scroll down until you see this:


Click the big, black balk that’s labeled ‘verder’. (continue)


You will get on a page that looks like this:

stem2When you click on the first box that says ‘Titel 1’, you will get in a screen with the covers of the books you can vote on.

step 3


Click on my…

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Technology … A humbling experience

I tend to wonder why we have computers, “Smart Phones” Robots and the like. Surely it is not to make our lives simpler or more convenient. Smart Phones (droids, and the like) use up more battery and available space quicker than a land line, and you have to carry them everywhere so you can send garbled messages with symbols and abbreviated words so others can find you all the time and call you no matter what time it is or where you are. Then you have your computers. You spend more money every time the big companies (M.S./Apple etc.) decides to upgrade even when what you are using is fine and the next step up is crap! Then you have to go in and do a “De-frag” and “Disk clean up” sometimes having to send the computer back to its original state several weeks/months before you started this because some program or other decided it was not compatible to the program you have on the computer or your laptop/desktop/smartpad gets a virus and needs kicks off your printer or other hardware you need to get your work out on time.  And don’t get me started on all the constant adding to passwords to where you can’t recall what it was because there are so many numbers symbols and letters so only hackers can get onto your sites! Now they want you to give a cell phone number for “added security” even if you don’t have one! If I could chuck it all and not need all this tech in order to do my work, make my orders and post here to the amusement of others whom (I heartily believe) Understand where I am coming from with all this, I would be a happier, saner and more relaxed person! Yeah, it took me over 6 hours to reinstall the printer program again with all the error messages and the like. As I said, a HUMBLING experience.HP-Pavilion-laptops


My favorite time of year, or at least one of them. When the leaves seem to catch fire, as the air becomes crisp, not only when you breathe it in, but when it touches you as well. The smell of fire places being lit for the first time all season. Kids are heading back to school and parents are happy that they don’t have to worry about them from 8 – 3:30 At least in some states/towns. Sweaters are being brought out to be aired out, long pants, tights, boots, and long sleeved shirts. Straw hats are being replaced by those styles with flaps, or woven from wool. Soon the final harvest is complete and pumpkins are being displayed. Children (and adults) will be going out in costumes, to have fun, trick-or-treating and sharing laughs. Ah, my kind of fun and a great beginning, of a new year!