Is “1984” or big brother taking over?

I remember a book where people had to look act and be a certain way or they were sent to conditioning until they broke. There was also a twilight zone movie (I think) called “Just like me” where you popped pills and chose a shape that was “perfect.” So everyone looked the same. I keep seeing adds constantly popping up for plastic surgery, weight loss, and more which is flashing to everyone that you must all look, think and be alike. What’s next a pill to paste a perpetual grin on your face 24/7? I am sorry, but that is no way to live or be. Both the book and the show said you had no choice but to do as the government said you had. Personally I see it as turning us into mindless robots and taking away our freedoms. Your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Is “1984” or big brother taking over?

  1. Agreed, we are all cast from different molds which provide the “spice” of individuality. The outer world may continue to dictate their versions of what is acceptable, beautiful even tasteful However, they can not take away the true essence of the core of our beings–the inner lights that shine from within. These are the lights of truth which in the end transcend into the essences of outer reality 🙂

    • As long as pay attention, and don’t fall for the hype of TV, advertisers and fashion industries we should be OK. It is “Free Will and Freedoms” we are protecting! 🙂

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