Why do Liberals ASSUME that if you don’t agree that you are a FOX watcher?

I asked a question on Y/A this last week, (And commented on several articles things that I have read which leaned heavily towards liberal ideals) and immediately got lambasted and told I was a follower of Rush and Fox News. Problem is, they are listening to people who presume everyone watches TV or gets the Rush show on Radio. I have not had TV since 2005 and where I have been living (since 2007) The only RADIO stations I get are PBS (VERY LIBERAL) and Country western! Neither of which I turn on until between 6PM and 8AM when it is Jazz, 70’s music and BBC). The thing is I use my eyes, ears and brain to process my experiences and research THEN I decide what I believe or not, I do not rely on media of ANY kind to decide what I believe in. I would hope those who tell me off for my beliefs would do the same, but it seems that their answers are fabricated by what media is telling them rather than thinking for themselves.

A Driery Dull Day!

I know Aug is suppose to be hot, humid and miserable, but today it is down right dull. It is overcast, threatening of rain, and too hot nights leaves us  sluggish and less than ambitious. I sat down at 930 this AM to read a little and woke up to my husband (who had also been napping) asking me what I was up to and what was for lunch! THAT was 1230! I can’t even get the gumption to read and have to push the lab out of the way of the fridge so I could set up for lunch. Moving 90 lbs of chocolate canine is not fun in a  three step galley kitchen. First she was on her stomach so I grabbed her around her front legs and slid her away from the fridge. She  flopped over onto her back, tongue hanging out the side and legs straight up with the paws pointing down. At least that made the day a bit happier! Hope your day is better everyone!

Is “1984” or big brother taking over?

I remember a book where people had to look act and be a certain way or they were sent to conditioning until they broke. There was also a twilight zone movie (I think) called “Just like me” where you popped pills and chose a shape that was “perfect.” So everyone looked the same. I keep seeing adds constantly popping up for plastic surgery, weight loss, and more which is flashing to everyone that you must all look, think and be alike. What’s next a pill to paste a perpetual grin on your face 24/7? I am sorry, but that is no way to live or be. Both the book and the show said you had no choice but to do as the government said you had. Personally I see it as turning us into mindless robots and taking away our freedoms. Your thoughts?

Goals or resolutions

I never liked the term “New Year’s Resolution.”  It tends never to really work it out. We tend to set ourselves up for a fall and aim too high. Goals on the  other hand,  can be small and easier to obtain. I actually made one resolution which I have followed for over 30 years. I resolved to NEVER make another New Year’s Resolution ever again. Instead I set up goals for the year. I list them from easy to hard and in importance. We work all the way through to the end of the year.  I may not get all my goals done, but at least I get close and get things done.