Prophesies vrs “fortune tellers”

I have probably hit on this before, but I saw something (and have been bombarded with) arguments that “It says in the book of Revelations … we are in end times because it has been prophesied” Well, ladies and gentlemen, religion not withstanding a PROPHESY of  any kind is only good until it is told. Because we have freedom to think for ourselves and act, doesn’t mean that a Prophesy of ANY KIND will come true unless you are still following the path you were on before that prophesy was brought into the light, and the Christians seem to forget that their JESUS and his Jewish family, friends etc. were not adverse to seeking out soothsayers, oracles and the like. The Kabala is not called Jewish MYSTICISM because it sounds good. Also, the only difference between the “Prophets” and the Pagans version? The Prophets were 99% men and members of the cloth while fortune-tellers (which Christians dubbed any one who prophesied who was neither mail or of the cloth) were usually not of the cloth and mostly women.  Those of us who are adept at reading the cards, runes, scrying etc. know that because we can choose WE are in control of our lives and those glimpses into the future are merely just possible occurrences if we continue down the path we are on.  We can choose since that is our right.


2 thoughts on “Prophesies vrs “fortune tellers”

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