Government (Liberal) lies vrs realities

I hear things like “America needs to protect the children of other countries,” “America’s problems are because of the Republicans/Democrats(etc.),” “Make ILLEGALS a part of our country,” and more. Those of us who have been watching how things are turning out would like to say a few things. We can not protect everyone, especially when our own children are suffering because of it. No, America’s problems are not because of Republicans/Democrats (etc.) but because of a small handful of people who are pushing to have people brought in by truck loads so they can take away our jobs (which government is killing due to all the regulations they are putting on those jobs.)
In all reality it is because WE ALLOWED this to happen. We vote the way certain people dictate and don’t even TRY TO look into things. There is a water bill in up for vote which basically takes away the water standing on property which belongs to the people NOT the government. So once that standing water vanishes the property is now the government’s and the farmers are not allowed to use the water for their crops or animals. Tell me what is wrong with this picture. Our Pres. is using his “executive orders” to get HIS AGENDA done and vetoing or tying up bills which might help the people but are not a part of his agenda.  Then he DARES the people to impeach him saying the Republicans his voice sounding like a spoiled child who isn’t getting his way. Name calling is hardly adult! Think on this. We can’t bring in all those influx of kids if we can’t even help our own. We shouldn’t be handing out money and aid to those who keep holding out their hands for more while demeaning us. They should be able to LEARN TO STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET! The same goes for all those welfare recipients and people who demand free aid! We need a leader who will help us grow, not dig our graves! Let’s stand up and actually do something other than complain and blame others for this problem!


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