Weekend baby ~er~ cat sitting

Introducing on of the stray kittens at MW’s place. Normally a very skittish baby and the smallest of the litter this one has become quite a little mischievous playful twit!  She (I think) is Marley’s new playmate and friend  She usually hangs out in the garage or around another black cat (probably an older sister).

"I surrender!"

“I surrender!”


She has come to follow us but vanishes when the kids next door show up. There are a total of three kittens plus four adult cats which I feed twice a day when MW and his wife go out of town.  I am glad since these are sweet creatures!

"What is this? A giant?"

“What is this? A giant?”

My Art work 1

For those who may not know it I love art and love to sketch/draw. Here are a few samples of my art work I have done in the last couple of days. The first one is how I envisioned The Deity Gaea in her human guise in the books Cobweb Bride Trilogy.

My interpretation of the human form of Gaea from the book Cobweb Bride.

My interpretation of the human form of Gaea from the book Cobweb Bride.


This second one (didn’t come out too well) is one someone wanted for a tattoo. She has yet to see it so I am not sure if she wants it or not.

Hearts and roses

Hearts and roses


This third picture I made a sketch of an outfit I bought, but added a couple tweaks to it.

Lady in purple

Lady in purple


This last one is in honor of “Catsinabar” which posts here quite a bit. I do like the cats and thought the author might like this pix.

In honor of "Catsatabar"

In honor of “Catsatabar”


I may post more later, but I thought these might be fun to show off. Let me know what you think. Any ideas, suggestions, etc., would be appreciated a lot! Thanks!

My dream spot …

Ever dream of a place where you would like to be? There are times that I do. I use this idea when I write, sketch, meditate (etc.) It is a place where I see trees, mountains, a huge garden (well, actually 2 gardens since one is vegetables and fruits while the other is herbs and spices.) water features, (water fall, lake, rivers …) caves in the mountain where I have attached a nice cabin. I would have a barn for my animals, and a place to store all the things I feel are important. I would make sure there was plenty of room between my house and civilization. I would have a large sunken kitchen, and a winding set of stairs which would vanish into the back of the house leading to bedrooms, bathrooms and closets. On the other side you will find an open living room area. A little behind that would be a huge study/library and craft room. I would have horses, chickens, some rabbits and a milk cow or two. The rest is foggy since I am not sure where to go from there. Hope this little dream home gives someone an incentive to think up other styles of homes. Why not post your dream property/home as well? Have fun.

Prophesies vrs “fortune tellers”

I have probably hit on this before, but I saw something (and have been bombarded with) arguments that “It says in the book of Revelations … we are in end times because it has been prophesied” Well, ladies and gentlemen, religion not withstanding a PROPHESY of  any kind is only good until it is told. Because we have freedom to think for ourselves and act, doesn’t mean that a Prophesy of ANY KIND will come true unless you are still following the path you were on before that prophesy was brought into the light, and the Christians seem to forget that their JESUS and his Jewish family, friends etc. were not adverse to seeking out soothsayers, oracles and the like. The Kabala is not called Jewish MYSTICISM because it sounds good. Also, the only difference between the “Prophets” and the Pagans version? The Prophets were 99% men and members of the cloth while fortune-tellers (which Christians dubbed any one who prophesied who was neither mail or of the cloth) were usually not of the cloth and mostly women.  Those of us who are adept at reading the cards, runes, scrying etc. know that because we can choose WE are in control of our lives and those glimpses into the future are merely just possible occurrences if we continue down the path we are on.  We can choose since that is our right.

Government (Liberal) lies vrs realities

I hear things like “America needs to protect the children of other countries,” “America’s problems are because of the Republicans/Democrats(etc.),” “Make ILLEGALS a part of our country,” and more. Those of us who have been watching how things are turning out would like to say a few things. We can not protect everyone, especially when our own children are suffering because of it. No, America’s problems are not because of Republicans/Democrats (etc.) but because of a small handful of people who are pushing to have people brought in by truck loads so they can take away our jobs (which government is killing due to all the regulations they are putting on those jobs.)
In all reality it is because WE ALLOWED this to happen. We vote the way certain people dictate and don’t even TRY TO look into things. There is a water bill in up for vote which basically takes away the water standing on property which belongs to the people NOT the government. So once that standing water vanishes the property is now the government’s and the farmers are not allowed to use the water for their crops or animals. Tell me what is wrong with this picture. Our Pres. is using his “executive orders” to get HIS AGENDA done and vetoing or tying up bills which might help the people but are not a part of his agenda.  Then he DARES the people to impeach him saying the Republicans his voice sounding like a spoiled child who isn’t getting his way. Name calling is hardly adult! Think on this. We can’t bring in all those influx of kids if we can’t even help our own. We shouldn’t be handing out money and aid to those who keep holding out their hands for more while demeaning us. They should be able to LEARN TO STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET! The same goes for all those welfare recipients and people who demand free aid! We need a leader who will help us grow, not dig our graves! Let’s stand up and actually do something other than complain and blame others for this problem!

Recent rulings and those who don’t want to realize what it means for them.

It seems that the ruling in favor of  Hobby Lobby has created quite a stir in both the polytheist, and Atheist communities. They seem to think that it is a blow against their beliefs/religions. The thing is, it is not just for the Christian businesses, but for everyone. What Hobby Lobby is basically asking is don’t force them to provide things which have nothing to do with actual business. That includes condoms. Personally I applaud this ruling because it allows businesses to run their businesses as THEY see fit and not being told how to think and act as the GOVERNMENT sees fit. Think about it. Freedom of Religion, one of our basic rights in the Bill of rights, states nobody, government, dictators, kings or other religions, nations etc. HAVE A RIGHT to TELL US HOW, WHEN NOR WERE WE CAN WORSHIP/PRACTICE OUR BELIEFS. (This includes those politically correct idiots who say we can not display our religious symbols, jewelry or decorations or praying in public for fear we will offend people who are allowed to do what they want. Double standards there).  Businesses should not be FORCED to provide condoms nor contraceptives to their employees. THAT is the responsibility of the  EMPLOYEE! AND if we comply with “OBAMA CARE” most small businesses will either drop their employees or close completely. Most companies will look outside of the US for cheaper labor which is not regulated by the US! So it was not JUST for Christians, it symbolized all people who are being forced to loose their rights to a greedy administration!