Competition ~ Good or bad?

when does competition become greed? I would say when it has to do with business. May businesses strive to gain more and more money, but sometimes it is at the cost of the consumers. Trying to out do each other, books stores, clothing stores and the like are putting each other out of business. I happen to find that lately businesses are opting to drop products which are good ones because they “can’t keep up” with their rivals. Today in the news Barnes and Nobel is announcing dropping the Nook because they can’t compete with Amazon. Trouble is what about all their loyal customers who use the NOOK? They certainly can’t just switch over since Amazon’s product doesn’t support the books that they have already purchased/downloaded. Look at all the money that is wasted! There is no way to transfer all those books! Once they are gone, they are gone, and you can’t get them back! THIS is why I liked the regular books. When you no longer want them, you can either sell them or store them. You don’t loose them just because a company goes out of business or discontinues their product line.
Competition is suppose to HELP both the business and the customer. It allows us choices, but when greed takes over it becomes a bad thing because it rids us of our choices and makes those of us who like one product instead of another, to be able to get what we like instead of being stuck with what we don’t want.


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