Competition ~ Good or bad?

when does competition become greed? I would say when it has to do with business. May businesses strive to gain more and more money, but sometimes it is at the cost of the consumers. Trying to out do each other, books stores, clothing stores and the like are putting each other out of business. I happen to find that lately businesses are opting to drop products which are good ones because they “can’t keep up” with their rivals. Today in the news Barnes and Nobel is announcing dropping the Nook because they can’t compete with Amazon. Trouble is what about all their loyal customers who use the NOOK? They certainly can’t just switch over since Amazon’s product doesn’t support the books that they have already purchased/downloaded. Look at all the money that is wasted! There is no way to transfer all those books! Once they are gone, they are gone, and you can’t get them back! THIS is why I liked the regular books. When you no longer want them, you can either sell them or store them. You don’t loose them just because a company goes out of business or discontinues their product line.
Competition is suppose to HELP both the business and the customer. It allows us choices, but when greed takes over it becomes a bad thing because it rids us of our choices and makes those of us who like one product instead of another, to be able to get what we like instead of being stuck with what we don’t want.

Father’s Day

I am one of those who have lost their father. My dad was great! He took me fishing, taught me how to bait my own hooks, and gut the fish. He helped me learn about the ways of life when we had to behead a very old hen. He got me Repete (Female rabbit) and helped me raise the bunnies. He helped teach me to drive, and even was there when I learned to ride. My dad was everything to me. When I was in College, he was told he had tumors on the brain. Too advanced … sorry. I was devastated. I learned to be brave and to give him up even when I didn’t want to.
I didn’t cry at his funeral because I did it when he was sick and in pain. I guess most people will never understand this and say I am heartless, for me being heartless is wishing he would never die. I could never do that to him. He passed in the early 80’s and I wish he could have had the same influence on my son as he did on me. Aside from that, I wish to say to him Thank you for being there for me. I miss you.



Well, the local sirens are going off in town. Not sure what it is for. Supposedly one continuous siren is tornado while the up and down sound is fire and … well, they all sound alike! So what do I do when I hear it? Ignore it until I find out which one they are using? Yap. This didn’t last long either. So either they are testing the equipment or false alarm! This town is sooooo screwed up!  Mom said she heard sirens so it must have been a fire.

Freedom! Well sort of …

I am going to count the 2 ½ weeks with hubster gone as form of freedom. I am hoping that this will be a time where not only will I be able to relax, but that I can get things done without people interfering. The problem with that is that he told all his “friends” that I was going to be alone (as if!) and to “take care of her” … A bit degrading if you ask me. So the morning after I get back? I get an order for doggie treats and a request to “cat sit” which makes me wonder why I even try. I planned to rearrange every little nook and cranny of the place, spend time in the garden (I at least planted the two climbing roses today, but that isn’t really much.) and work on my writings (stories).
So where dose that leave me. Back where I started. I get the orders for the day by friend and phone and to heck with what I want to do. Feeling bummed.

Paganism, magic and publishing.

My observations:
I have noticed a growing trend to publish anything and everything that has to do with Paganism, magic, witches and all other things connected to these things. Some, if not most, of the information out there is hap-hazard at best and down right dangerous at worst. Still people have a right to wright about, AND publish anything, and the so called “Neo-” or “New Aged” sect seem determined to undermine this.
“Don’t read anything from ‘X’ because her writings encourage kids to turn against their parents” (as if they needed a book to do this) or “Don’t buy anything from Publisher ‘I’ because they are just there to take your money!” I wonder if these people actually read these books and such or are they so rich they don’t need to work in the public sector to survive. One of my blogger friends stated something to the effect that most of what is out there floating about the stores and web are bogus. You know something? I agree, but that doesn’t mean that something in that flood of information is not relevant. I refuse to trash those out there and actually encourage people to read any and everything they can get their hands on. I say this because I happen to know that what may work for one person or group may not work for others. Plus I remind them that there are rules which govern magic and how it works.
Magic is subtle and to think you can use it to control someone or gain great wealth. Doesn’t work that way. There are things to consider before you even start. First off it is a craft which once you commit to it, it becomes your life and you must become a lifetime student. Also, those elite groups who say there were never solitaries seem to forget that before larger civilizations started coming into being, there was usually just one “wise woman/man” per villiage or who traveled about. Sometimes they chose someone who was to become their apprentice and would take over either  take over upon their death or handle one or more of the villages the elder would be working with. They usually chose someone old enough to work, learn and help out. Thinking that you can say you are a witch WITHOUT training is kind of silly. I prefer my students to be 18, preferably 21 and older.

Choices are an illution

I just got a rude awakening today. We are suppose to be able to CHOOSE what we want and hopefully get it. Today I found out this is not the case, ESPECIALLY on the internet. I happen to hate most of the homepages offered on the net. Yahoo, Google, MSN all tend to show news, trending crap and other things I don’t want nor am interested in. I USE to like AVAST because it let me CHOOSE my home page. For the last few days, however, it is been telling me I had to chance my home page because it is considered a virus! A home page I have used the last three years! Finally I had no choice and (since my eyesight is having problems even with my glasses I can’t see clearly) I chose MSN THINKING I could reinstate my home page. WRONG! I can no longer change my home page now. I HATE IT! All three I listed are now (if you choose them or not) PERMANENT! I want my home page back! I know I am ranting, but between that and having to make my passwords more complicated everyday, I am having real issues of government control, so-called “big brother” and anyone else who interferes in my choices in life of which they have no business in keeping me from!