Thunder storm warning …

When the alert goes out on the radio (I don’t own TV … too distracting) I listen to hear what is coming up and how close. And actually, I don’t really need that to tell what the weather is going to be like. The old joke about the “Hillbilly weather chart”  comes to mind here. If the chart is wet it is raining, when the chart is dry it is sunny, when it is white, it means its snowing etc. But there is more to it then that. Weather is a tricky thing. It is a constant state of flux. Sure we listen to the weather men/women but we should also keep an eye on the clues that are out there. The change of direction of the wind, the types of clouds, their color, thickness and the like! There are places out there where one moment it is hot and dry, the next there are sounds of thunder and signs of lightning. You can even SMELL the rain coming. That is why I may listen to the weather, but I also observe it.


5 thoughts on “Thunder storm warning …

  1. I do much the same. I can see the cloud formations from miles away. Plus I have a weather knee. (Arthritis). “Storm’s a coming, I feel it in my bones.” 😉

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