feeling empty

Not sure how else to phrase it. I am feeling lost, empty, not quite myself … I was hoping that this was getting better, and I don’t need pills to help me know what is wrong or why. Loosing sight of who I am and what I could become is becoming an everyday occurrence lately. I am feeling trapped, ignored, somewhat useless and irritable. I need to get away for a bit, on my own, but that will never happen. My trips out of town are becoming rarer as the days, weeks, months and years go by. I am asked “Are you happy?’ but the answer is hard to explain. I wish I could take time out and veg somewhere. That would be great, but not practical. At least I will be getting another camera soon. It may or may not help, but at least it’s a start.


6 thoughts on “feeling empty

  1. Your words touched me and ‘like’ doesn’t seem appropriate Snowflake, so I’m just adding a few words to send you a hug and wish you well. (I hope you don’t mind). When we keep giving to others and do not have time for ourselves it creates a huge imbalance. A long time ago a wise lady I knew when I was feeling drained (she was a Midwife) told me just how important having time for ourselves was. She said when we did this we were recharged and had more energy to engage and share with others.Simple things like giving ourselves permission to take a bit of enjoyment for ourselves from say a nice coffee, a beautiful song, some delightful incense…whatever it is that gives you pleasure and you like. A seed of happiness from a little ‘Me moment’ each day can grow into a garden of contentment.

    • I do thank you and hugs are appreciated. The midwife was correct. But it seems sometimes I loose that chance to recharge. More because I spend my energy giving to and helping others 99.9% of the time. When we moved to the Dakotas I was hoping for more woodlands and lakes. What I got was prairies and empty fields. A bit of a disappointment and though I have made some friends and have a cute house (paid in full) but without that water feature I don’t get the full recharge I crave. The closest forest is over 100 miles away and gas is expensive!

      • I can emphasise as being a London girl I found it a huge shock to my system moving out to my Husband’s small home town.It is so hard being uprooted. Now I love the close proximity of fields and nature but it was a slow burn! The thing I found with people generally is the more you give naturally the more they take. When you are a natural giver it is hard realising not everyone comes from same open hearted energy. Is it possible to install a pond or little water feature in your garden? X

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