Political failure

This country was set up on basic truths and simple values. That all men were “created” equal. That every man woman and child had RIGHTS including those where we are not supposed to be taxed without protection, the president has to be a natural born citizen, that the senators and the congressmen USE TO be there on a part time basis and held down full time jobs apart from that. All three mentioned are HIRED and are suppose to LISTEN to the regular citizens. Now the senators, congressman and President have all the power and the regular citizens don’t get squat! We are being FORCED to take insurance or be jailed, we are being told we are no longer allowed to “worship” as we wish. Our right to carry guns/weapons are being taken from us and we are being regulated right out of our ability to run our own businesses! What is this world to coming to! Yeah, please understand that this rant is very much a heads up for people! They play the “racist card” every time we complain and WE are cowing down to them. Let’s just get this taken care of and get the US back on track! No more cowing down, no more political correctness and no more allowing people who know nothing about our lives actually running our lives!


2 thoughts on “Political failure

    • Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately this is also happening in smaller towns across the us as well, starting with City council and beyond. Sad but true. Thanks for writing. all comments appreciated! Even on my rants! 🙂

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