Memorial day cut backs (so to speak)

Well, first off this is about what happened in the now rather than in the past. Our day started out with our friend coming over for blue-berry pancakes, sunny D (Strawberry), sausage patties, and orange and coffee. He left at 9 so he could cover the memorial services and the photos at the cemetery for our only newspaper left in this place. The original paper was finally shut down last year… The day was mostly spent outside, watering the garden, chasing the dog out of the garden, refilling water bowls after said canine used them to wash her feet, and working on the  soon to be screened in porch. We ended up with a plastic pic-nick table (The cheep looking ones you find in mall food courts) and I sat on it as I listened to the hum of the bees humming in one of our flowering trees. YES! WE HAVE BEES! I then moved out of the sun and into the porch in progress. It had turned 4 so it was feeding time at the zoo! Now both are nursing full bellies and sleeping inside the house which is just a touch cooler than outside. Now I gotta figure out what to fix for dinner. We had fish, salad, rice and flavored water for lunch. PLUS I have another sink of dishes. (Thought I just finished them!) Now I will sit back with the music on and think about all those who have fought for our freedoms since day one. Hope we don’t have to go that route again, but I can see it coming … can’t you?


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