My son…

Today at 1145am my son turned 24! So, instead of asking for something for himself, he did something for his dad. He had his hair cut VERY short! His dad was shocked and didn’t recognize him at first. He did it because he loves his dad. If I can ever get a photo from him I will post a before and after photo of him here. I am SOOOO proud.


9 thoughts on “My son…

    • Wild? Dark, long and a bit wild. Dad made a deal and had regretted it. Pass GED by end of summer and he didn’t have to cut hair. Not only passed in one month, but was in the top 95% of US. ALSO they re-tested on
      essay because he got a perfect score. NO ONE has ever gotten a perfect score! He did it twice! Being VERY conservative dad doesn’t like long hair. so it was a big thing! 🙂 Getting it cut proved how much he loved his dad!

    • Even though the both drive me nuts! Hubster and his kids have a silent feud going on between them. (Thank heavens Jr. is my only one ~ couldn’t take a feud with THAT many kids! 🙂

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