The inefficency of the Post Office.

Here is my complaint. I have two dogs. One is old, the other is still a pup in her ways. F our regular Mailman knows the older one and will asked to be introduced to any new dogs. He understands animals. Then there is S, his sub. Now don’t get me wrong, I know some dogs are not the greatest and some are VERY protective, but when the owner is outside, and within earshot, one just cannot NOT deliver or pick up the mail when the box is OUTSIDE the fence. Ours was put against the fence with the opening outside so they need not deal with the dogs! S is an real piece of work. Unless I am AT the fence to TAKE the mail he will NOT deliver of Pick up. Now, was is the job of a mail carrier? To pick up and deliver mail. If there is a problem and the owner is there, it only takes a moment to call out and get the owner to come out. THIS IDIOT walked AROUND our place. He didn’t even ATTEMPT to say there was a problem. Yes, again I don’t begrudge caution, but there is a point where acting afraid only gets you into trouble.  Yes, this is a rant, but I now have to take time out of MY schedule to pick up AND deliver mail he SHOULD have taken care of. It is HIS job, NOT mine! Another example of the inefficiency in an overpaid government employee.


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