Lousy day

Aside from having yet another person in our town ask for the Persian flat bread, the day was lousy. After working cattle yesterday and sleeping on my arm, I can’t even lift my left arm and my lower back is hurting as bad! But who gets blamed when the dog tries to get out of the car and passed me? I DO! I mean I thought we had a good system where one would get out first then keep the dog occupied while the other got out! Instead I am left, unable to move fast and having to try and keep the dog in while I TRY to get out without the dog beating the door! Just now I pulled the first bread out and tried to but the second on the pan and it stretched all other the place. I hope I fixed it but am not sure. I am making another batch, but it does take time.
It also looks like thunder storms are rolling in and I am having a hard times seeing out of my right eye. More so than usual!  I can’t win for loosing lately. I just hope the weekend is better! Not feeling up to another lousy day though they are coming more and more. I try to take a step back but sometimes it doesn’t help. Maybe I can take Sadie out and about on my own tomorrow.




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