From a friend to the table

A dear friend of ours (JS ) gave me a neat cookbook. In it are various recipes for main dishes, desserts and BREADS! My husband has been after me to make the recipe for Persian flat bread. It seems simple enough, the thing is with only one bowl, I have to hold off making anything else until the first rising is done (which it is now) and the bowl is washed (Which it currently is not) I am hoping to do a raisin bread as well, but that may have to wait til tomorrow since my time is limited since we need to be at a meeting around 6 tonight (it is now 130), so it means I need to get another mixing bowl for my mixer… Not happy since they are up in the $30+ range. Kitchen Aide is a great product, and long lasting, but they can get expensive!
The recipe in question (which I will post if anyone wants it) makes two loaves. The problem with these specialty breads is that most take special ingredients which are not found where I live unless I travel several days or order them on the web. The two ingredients in question are sesame seeds and black onion seeds. The bread did turn out wonderful and we are already eating the first one and the other one is earmarked for our friend (JS) and my mom. I will cut it in half and deliver then tomorrow morning.

Fished Persian bread

Fished Persian bread


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