Today was warm with the sun beating down on those who ventured outside. It was a day for contemplating what we wanted to do. Fix up the property? Maybe plant a garden? How about laze about and soak up the rays before another May snow storm barrels its way through the plains? What ever the plans, it was a good day to contemplate what we wanted to do or were thinking about doing. What do you contemplate about?


4 thoughts on “Contemplations

    • Ummm ~ my name isn’t Nikki so you night have posted on the wrong site. If you did like it, thank you. Wouldn’t mind participating, Just not sure how to participate either. Wouldn’t mind.

      • Sorry! I did mean your site. I think I was a bit brain dead after writing the post and trying to get all the links right. I am an idiot!

      • You can call me anything but late for dinner (I make it so I am never late! 🙂 ) Just glad you enjoy, once I figure out how to do the contest/awards thing, I would not mind doing it. Thanks.

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