Everything is wrong!

There are days that no matter what I say or do it is called wrong and I am called “stupid” and today was no exception. Every time I opened my mouth the words were wrong or it was someone else talking. It is times like this when I feel that I am slipping away and becoming an almost “Steadford wife” and loosing my own identity. The person in question calls me “Stupid” because he doesn’t hear me and says “If only you had stated that you did it earlier I would not get upset” even though I HAD said it and he HADN’T paid attention to what I was saying! I think he does it so he CAN call me stupid and try to make me into something I am not.


2 thoughts on “Everything is wrong!

    • Seems to be only certain times, like when he is stressed or has too much on his plate. He use to be this way all the time, but over the last few years he was much better. Last night seemed to start the whole thing all over again. I hate fights and arguing, but last night might have been a night I could have “Gibbs slapped” him! Was just frustrated is all.

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