Observing interactions of men and women.

I have a friend who lived in an abusive household. She had to work to pay for all her family’s possessions, bills, food and more since she was in High School. Because of this she never graduated and her mother raised her brothers to expect her to take care of them as well. She tried getting out, taking an apartment and working, but was kicked out of the place because of her mother. Since then she has been stuck at the house she paid for which her mother put into her brother’s name, not hers, cleaning up after her brother.
Today at coffee, a “well meaning friend” started telling her she had to get an apartment and leave her brother. The only problem is she has not worked since last summer (she is a roofer) and that was sparse because her brother undermined every job she went for. PLUS her two brothers (one who plans on returning to her town) will cause the same problems if she tries again. She needs money to get out and every time she tries to raise it she is sabotaged. I know this because I have seen this and met both boys. The problem is she explains and those who in their “infinite wisdom” whom tell her to get an apartment, won’t listen … or rather don’t hear. They say her mom is dead so she should have no problem getting a place of her own. Her younger brother rigged a platform to collapse so she was laid up for 2 years and has to start all over. The other brother says she has no right to go out on her own and is planning to “teach her a lesson” for such thoughts. No one in this town believes her. I have seen this and been accosted by the “sweet boy” whom everyone says she lies about.
So in all this everyone says her being in the predicament she is in is HER fault. I know better. I just wish there was a way to help her get the funds to get her own place so she could disappear and start living her live as she should. No one listens and everyone blames her. They don’t care that what she says is true. GODDESS HELP HER!


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