Family, then and now

Way back when … I would say in my case going two to three generations back (My son is the last of my line) I have seen great changes. The idea of family was two parents, only one of them worked while the other stayed home with the kids. If you lived on a farm or ranch, children were given chores in order to prepare them for the future either on the/a farm/ranch or to gain a sense of responsibility and pride. Most of the time was spent out of doors, parents and grandparents (sometimes great-grandparents) lived in the same house. Recreation was board games, the radio or playing games outside. Moving up a generation, there came a need for both parents to work. Kids entertain themselves without as many responsibilities¬† They were known as latchkey kids. They leaned their values without supervision or the rest of their families. Yeah, I guess I am old fashioned when it comes to families and family values. I believe that TV’s and video games do not make good babysitters and children do need a good whack on the tush to get their attention. They should not be given ANYTHING they do not earn. Grandparents should share their homes with children and grand children! The Children should be taught respect of others, but also hard work. And everyone should share in the work about the house. If there is a wish for the following of a spiritual belief that should be agreed upon but not forced, the same with the preference of gender. I happen to prefer the marriage to a man (traditional) while some other woman would prefer her partner to be female. That is her choice not mine, bet to be told that one can not choose your companion or that I have to accept the attentions of one I am not interested in, THAT is not welcome nor right. These are my thoughts for what I would love family to be.


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