Customer Service? Yeah, if you’re a guy!

Yet another pet peeve of mine. Customer Service, or rather lack there of.  Ladies (or any other observant person on here or in this world) have you ever been in a store (hardware, clothing, jewelry, makeup etc) and been looking for something, and tried to get help but the so called Customer Service people totally ignored you or if they did notice you tended to talk to you in a condescending way? Have you ever gone to a restaurant and was ignored (when by yourself) or had the waiter or waitress only talk to the man at your table? Believe me, that is ALL I ever get! I am a woman, sure I can do things for myself, I have even run my own businesses, and yet I am ignored when it comes to these so-called Customer Service reps.! Just today I was eating lunch with my husband. The waitress comes up doesn’t even look at me and starts talking to my husband! She asks HIM if he would like anything, keeps her back to me and then AFTER she gets his order starts to leave. If I hadn’t said anything she might not have even taken the order. Then when I need something, say like cream for my tea (which I DID request) or a spoon, I have to get up and get it myself. I go to a tool shop and look for someone to show me where a specific tool is, I end up having to give up and try and find it on my own, WASTING 45 mins. that I could have been ordering more things but instead only get the one thing and leave. And don’t get me started on Clothing stores or makeup departments! I left one specialty cosmetic shop because I stood at the counter for 20 mins., with no other customers there and 3 sales reps. I finally got fed up and left my purchase at the register before walking out. The ladies looked at me as if I had no business even thinking of buying from them.
I am sorry, but that is NOT how to run a business and I am getting REALLY fed up with these people and situations! My husband says I am too friendly and meek, but I have gone up to these sales reps and asked them for help. They either walk away or treat me like a fricken child! Now I ask you, is this RIGHT??? How many of you have gone through this? AND WHAT are WE going to do to change this lack of respect? I AM TICKED OFF AND FED UP! WHO IS WITH ME?!?!


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