Weather Tues April 29th 2014

By the look of things, the farmers might not get to their fields this year. Back in October we had the freakishly harsh winds and snow which kept the corn in the fields and the grounds too wet for the heavy equipment. It didn’t dry out until a couple of weeks back. Last Tuesday I saw farmers frantically trying to get to their fields but there were still places where the tractors/harvesters were too heavy to risk. I even had a friend end up in a field where the mud was to the bottom of the car body… and that was a high vehicle!
Now it started snowing again on Sunday and is still snowing today! The snow is really heavy and wet. This may weigh down the remaining branches of trees we haven’t lost yet. I am afraid we might loose those as well! Now don’t get me wrong, I love snow. It is cold, wet and fun, but I do know that if the grounds don’t dry out soon the farmers may not get to the fields in time to plant for a fall harvest. That will drive the prices higher.  This worries me. I can’t even plant my herbs nor vegetable garden if this keeps up. And I can’t afford a hot house! Well, there is my gripe for today. Hope you have a great end of the month!


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