End time predictions? Don’t think so.

It seems that people are on a mad rush to leave this world/life. Especially the so called Christians. First off Since when are the stories of the book of Revelations (written by the followers of Jesus who expected the end days to come shortly after his “ascension”)? It was not meant for interpretation, but to tell what was happening in the time and lives of his followers. Second, the so called end-time floods, earthquakes, Tsunami, wars and other disasters have been happening since before the “Great flood”! The only difference is that with TV, Internet and Radio we get the news of these things instantly. The last thing is, why would GOD (any deity) reward us for sluffing off on our job as care taker of the earth and all the animals on it? We have a job to do (at least according to the Christians!) and since we are not done with our job why should we be rewarded and taken to heaven in the “RAPTURE”? Come on people! Thought you were smarter than the people back then! For each of us the end is when we breath our last, not before!


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