Thank Goddess it will soon be the weekend!

Well, the week hasn’t been my best. Finding out that my toe was fractured and needed a boot, to baking up a storm and getting better with the breads!


Bread on the rise!

   Bread on the rise!

Finished product Cinnamon bread

Finished product Cinnamon bread


I even made a set of cupcakes for a friend’s birthday we are celebrating on Friday since she won’t be working on Saturday!


ready to frost!

ready to frost!


And now I am setting up another “free” website for my Pagan friends carrying my “kits” and services. To top it off my girls (Gidget & Sadie) tend to play one against the other and Gidget whines! She has never whined since we adopted her!  I am just glad that tomorrow is Friday and I can relax… sort of.



6 thoughts on “Thank Goddess it will soon be the weekend!

    • Thanks. The breads are a recent perfection. Had problems with it originally, now it seems to be getting better. I sell my baked goods locally and hope to take them to the park during the summer.

      • Yap I am a bit of a klutz and always get into everything … or is it everything gets onto me? I have a sign in the kitchen which I will post later. It seems to say it all! 🙂

    • Cinnamon bread was a bit dry. Today I did a Persian flat bread. I will be posting a photo tonight. Occasionally I do ship, but they are better if they are hand delivered. 🙂

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