Concerns ~ Priorities

This is a rant. It is meant to get people to wake up and think. All you need to do is open your eyes and do the research to see that what is listed can be proved and is true.

I know we must help where we can and actually keep track of other countries, but shouldn’t we start taking care of our own country before we squander what we need here on people who are always holding out their hands for more yet at the same time they are badmouthing us and saying we are ruining their countries? Think about it. Down through history people who have helped others selflessly have always had to keep doling out the funds and supplies for those countries. Yes, at first they are grateful, but then they start relying on those gifts and actually quit trying to better their countries themselves. Look at the welfare system here. These things were a means to supplement the user until they could get back on there feet. MOST of those on welfare have been on it for MANY generations. And many have been able to manipulate the system so they have fancy cars, beautiful homes and they haven’t worked a day in their life, yet they complain that “we are poor and starving!”
I think that the old adage “GIVE a man some fish and he will eat for a day but TEACH the same man to fish and he will eat a long time.” We need to stop giving and start teaching. AND if they refuse to learn they never will so they are on their own. We should look also to our own boarders and get our people off the welfare rolls. The Government is regulating the small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS! We need to start training those on welfare, educating them and get them to start their own businesses instead of relying of the government. Protect our own boarders and actually get rid of instead of drawing in those here ILLEGALLY.  Don’t reward them for being bad. They won’t  help our country except to get free help which they don’t work for. I am tired of being told I am neither a man nor Mexican so I can’t work on farms or ranches. Don’t tell me they are the only ones allowed to do our work for us.  THINK ABOUT IT!

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