Where are their heads?

I am sorry for this rant, but please bear with me! I keep seeing all these people (Mostly people who have NO idea what life is like on a farm or in areas where people actually live off the land. They cry out “Animal Cruelty!” and “Eat plants not meat!” There was a senator who visited a farm where they raised beef and processed it for markets. The idiot cried out “Why don’t you leave these ‘poor creatures’ alone and get meat like the rest of us in a store!” Then you have those who say “We should not eat meat. We should only eat vegetables and fruits because we are killing Innocent creatures who don’t do us any harm!” And then you have the PETA group who demanded farmers use the branding irons on themselves to see how the cow feels! These people should be locked up.
First off many animals are raised for food. Those who hunt, are keeping the balance of nature in check and Cow hides are so much denser than our frail flesh. To brand ourselves would be torture. To brand a cow/calf/bull doesn’t really hurt them like it would us. These people should spend the summer working on a farm/ranch to see how things are done and WHY! If you don’t know the cow out before you slit its throat you could end up dead! Come on people! We also have both flat teeth AND Canines! We are meant to eat both the leafy stuff AND meat! Do your research, but do it hands on so you know what you are talking about. I only kill for two reasons. First is food and the second is to protect my family and property. Someone said killing an animal is like killing a human. Boy, I wonder where they learned that! From the crap spread by liberals? Think about it!


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