Kitchen + me = big mess!

Well, today seems to be a good day to bake. Not too hot, not too cold… I decided to make Challah again, this time putting sesame seeds on top of one of the loaves and maybe making three small loaves instead of the one large and one small. I got to the “put in flour, one cup at a time. Be sure to mix after adding each cup …”  Weeellll  I decided that the mixer was best for bread and last time I had no problem with it … by the sixth cup, I hit the high level on the mixer and flour flew all over! I was covered as well was the counter space, floor and the skillet in the sink which I was waiting to was! My husband just shook his head and asked “Isn’t there a quote out there that starts with ‘Only you’?” I smiled sweetly and said, “No, it is a song.” and began to sing it. I then said (with a cackle) “I always said when I am baking I really get into it!”

When I put the dough aside to rise I cleaned up. After I am done completely though I will have to change my shirt. The purple went from dark to pale in two seconds! I still have white spots on it where the flour stubbornly refused to let go.


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