Blaw day … need happy place

Another day of the white stuff and we are suppose to get more tomorrow. I’ve been skimming  through news and blogs and see a lot of downer type words. What I do not see is inspirational ideas which might get people to actually get up off their duffs and do something. I mean, who cares what the latest reality show entails, after all it isn’t true reality. It is scripted to make things worse than they seem. Who cares what the latest struggle, fashion or drama is happening for some celeb or what not. I want to see more of the hopeful stories like a dog that was rescued returns the favor by saving it’s owners, what is being done to stop all the red tape which keep people from starting businesses or working! How about when people help others FOR REAL and not just to get their pix in the paper! Come on guys the world is not as bleak as a lot of the reports etc. make it seem! Why can’t people take the lemons and start turning it into something better! Lets not just do OK or get by! Lets find something wonderful out there and show it!


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