End time predictions? Don’t think so.

It seems that people are on a mad rush to leave this world/life. Especially the so called Christians. First off Since when are the stories of the book of Revelations (written by the followers of Jesus who expected the end days to come shortly after his “ascension”)? It was not meant for interpretation, but to tell what was happening in the time and lives of his followers. Second, the so called end-time floods, earthquakes, Tsunami, wars and other disasters have been happening since before the “Great flood”! The only difference is that with TV, Internet and Radio we get the news of these things instantly. The last thing is, why would GOD (any deity) reward us for sluffing off on our job as care taker of the earth and all the animals on it? We have a job to do (at least according to the Christians!) and since we are not done with our job why should we be rewarded and taken to heaven in the “RAPTURE”? Come on people! Thought you were smarter than the people back then! For each of us the end is when we breath our last, not before!

Weather Tues April 29th 2014

By the look of things, the farmers might not get to their fields this year. Back in October we had the freakishly harsh winds and snow which kept the corn in the fields and the grounds too wet for the heavy equipment. It didn’t dry out until a couple of weeks back. Last Tuesday I saw farmers frantically trying to get to their fields but there were still places where the tractors/harvesters were too heavy to risk. I even had a friend end up in a field where the mud was to the bottom of the car body… and that was a high vehicle!
Now it started snowing again on Sunday and is still snowing today! The snow is really heavy and wet. This may weigh down the remaining branches of trees we haven’t lost yet. I am afraid we might loose those as well! Now don’t get me wrong, I love snow. It is cold, wet and fun, but I do know that if the grounds don’t dry out soon the farmers may not get to the fields in time to plant for a fall harvest. That will drive the prices higher.  This worries me. I can’t even plant my herbs nor vegetable garden if this keeps up. And I can’t afford a hot house! Well, there is my gripe for today. Hope you have a great end of the month!

I wonder …

I think that the Deities have a sense of humor. They watch us get too confident in our lies ~er~ lives and shut us down by having things come out differently than we believe they should. I wonder what they think of our struggles sometimes and if we are the source of their laughter just because we think we can do without their guidance. I wonder too why people don’t see the joy which comes from living and what fun we too can have just by being ourselves and quite tying ourselves down with all the so called important tasks of the day. I wonder why we become so full of ourselves and complain when our egos a knocked down a peg or two. Why are we here if not to make this world a place of wonders for young or old, rich or poor and all the rest. Think on that.

A waste of time and money …

It is sad when a “Lincoln Day Dinner” ends up as a waste of time and money, not just for those when attended, but for the candidates too! $15 got you a lousy meal, and a very short speech from each candidate. Only those who could throw away that money could attend, and High School students and under were (GET THIS!) FREE! There was no question/answer period and only a few moments to mingle, not enough time to really strike up a conversation. WHAT A JOKE! Those “POWERS THAT BE” (or rather the idiots who think they are all that!) decide what people can hear, do and say. Just like a Dictatorship instead of the Republic that the US is SUPPOSE to be. I hope it bites them in the bum!


Thank Goddess it will soon be the weekend!

Well, the week hasn’t been my best. Finding out that my toe was fractured and needed a boot, to baking up a storm and getting better with the breads!


Bread on the rise!

   Bread on the rise!

Finished product Cinnamon bread

Finished product Cinnamon bread


I even made a set of cupcakes for a friend’s birthday we are celebrating on Friday since she won’t be working on Saturday!


ready to frost!

ready to frost!


And now I am setting up another “free” website for my Pagan friends carrying my “kits” and services. To top it off my girls (Gidget & Sadie) tend to play one against the other and Gidget whines! She has never whined since we adopted her!  I am just glad that tomorrow is Friday and I can relax… sort of.


Treading on ones rights ~

There are many people out there trying to take the word “GOD” off money out of the pledge and anywhere it is visible. They say it is against the rights of those who do believe? What about those who are Pagan? Those who HONOR MANY DEITIES? The thing is someone said the word GOD was a resent addition to the pledge and money. What they forget is that it is used in the CONSTITUTION! The idea of the bill of rights protects the right to the religious  to worship or not ANYWHERE OR HOW they wish without interference. So if you are Atheist, you don’t have to say the words, nor spend the money that seems to offend you so much. If you are of any religious persuasion you can put up your decorations while the atheists can ignore them or go else where. I am Pagan, and people think I should be offended but the display of Christmas decor and music out there. That I should protest the use of “GOD” in our society. But to be honest, I have every right to display symbols of my beliefs as well, and I personally don’t begrudge Christians their displays, holidays or wording as long as I have the same chance and they don’t go door to door saying “You can not believe that what because it offends us. Isn’t this what Atheists are close to doing? I consider the word “GOD” as a general term and I usually silently replace it with Deities. Money is money. It doesn’t bother me that it has GOD on it. It would bother me more if it didn’t. With checks and debt cards you aren’t even using money 90% of the time. Think on it. Some “Atheists” are suing a school for the word “GOD” being in the pledge. But in so doing they are treading on the constitutional rights of everyone else to chose whither or not to say the word. WHAT A WASTE of TAX PAYER’S MONEY! Who do they think pays for those frivolous lawsuits whither or not they win! Yet another sign of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! Come on guys there are more important issues out there rather than the word GOD!

Concerns ~ Priorities

This is a rant. It is meant to get people to wake up and think. All you need to do is open your eyes and do the research to see that what is listed can be proved and is true.

I know we must help where we can and actually keep track of other countries, but shouldn’t we start taking care of our own country before we squander what we need here on people who are always holding out their hands for more yet at the same time they are badmouthing us and saying we are ruining their countries? Think about it. Down through history people who have helped others selflessly have always had to keep doling out the funds and supplies for those countries. Yes, at first they are grateful, but then they start relying on those gifts and actually quit trying to better their countries themselves. Look at the welfare system here. These things were a means to supplement the user until they could get back on there feet. MOST of those on welfare have been on it for MANY generations. And many have been able to manipulate the system so they have fancy cars, beautiful homes and they haven’t worked a day in their life, yet they complain that “we are poor and starving!”
I think that the old adage “GIVE a man some fish and he will eat for a day but TEACH the same man to fish and he will eat a long time.” We need to stop giving and start teaching. AND if they refuse to learn they never will so they are on their own. We should look also to our own boarders and get our people off the welfare rolls. The Government is regulating the small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS! We need to start training those on welfare, educating them and get them to start their own businesses instead of relying of the government. Protect our own boarders and actually get rid of instead of drawing in those here ILLEGALLY.  Don’t reward them for being bad. They won’t  help our country except to get free help which they don’t work for. I am tired of being told I am neither a man nor Mexican so I can’t work on farms or ranches. Don’t tell me they are the only ones allowed to do our work for us.  THINK ABOUT IT!