Bummer of a day

I guess today I am feeling sorry for myself. I have been sick off and on for a couple of weeks now (not normal for me) and am getting no help or sympathy from the other half. I know he doesn’t tolerate illness in others and this is no acceptation.  A friend on Y/A posted that for the past 4 years since her husband had bypass surgery he had become selfish and hateful. Mine on the other hand seemed to go the opposite direction, except when it came to being around sick people. He expects me to cook, clean and take care of him when I get sick and makes it a point to point out all the flaws during this time. So I sit here with a sore throat, cough, chills and feeling weak while he demands “service.” It wouldn’t be so bad if it still wasn’t snowing … So this is my pity-party for one. Sorry about the rant but I had to post something.


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